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Intentional Living Series Part 1 with Sara Eavenson

  • The Yoga Room 1559 Cypress Drive jupiter, fl 33469 United States (map)

A series of classes and workshops that focus on shifting and changing our mind with the tools and practices of Yoga and its sister science, Ayurveda.

Part 1. Using Yoga to Change Your Perspective and Support Your Mind
It is so hard to change your mind. Once your mind has been made up or once you have had a certain experience that’s created an impression of patterning, it can be challenging to change your perspective. Even if you know that it would be helpful to let something go or to think differently about it.

But the tools of yoga present a (back) doorway in to the self.... in to seeing and knowing our self a lot more clearly. That (back) door way in is through the
practice of building self awareness.Using various teachings and the practicality of simple movement, breath
(pranayama) and beginning mediation techniques, Sara will teach the principles and the how to’s of holding space for oneself with more neutrality, tenderness and curiosity. Together we will unpack our human need to control and the suffering that occurs if we don’t come to terms with the fact that we can’t really control life (or others).

The path of Yoga is one that takes some time and some self effort, but by simply learning to breathe more deeply and completely, to relax and to train the mind
to turn its gaze inside to see a whole other realm of self, the strong holds of mind began to loosen. (We don’t have to force the mind to change, we can simply learn to change our awareness.)

During this workshop, Sara will share her own story with you whilst teaching and offering simple home practices that will start you on the path to changing and soothing your own mind.

2.5 HOURS - $40.00