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Ayurvedic Spring Cleanse with Sara Eavenson

  • The Yoga Room 1559 Cypress Drive Jupiter, Fl 33469 United States (map)

“Ayur" means science and “veda” means life. The sister science to Yoga, Ayurveda was developed thousands of years ago by the ancient yogis and sages as a health care practice to support vitality and well living. The goal is to maintain wellness and prevent dis-ease. Thousands of years later, this science is the antidote to our standard busy and stressed out lifestyle.

Ayurveda is not rigid or hard. It does not feel like another insurmountable task. Instead, Ayruveda meets you where you are at and looks to nourish and build your strength and vitality in a way that feels accessible and ease-ful.

Spring is a time where we are moving out of the heavier winter months, where it has been cooler and wetter and heavier. The foods we have been eating tend to be heavier and more dense too. The Ayurveds saw this time of transition in to spring as one of the most opportune times to cleanse and reset the digestive fire. A little bit longer than a traditional fall rejuvenation cleanse like the one we did in September at the studio, this program is designed to reboot the digestive system using a healing, cleansing and purifying protocol that can last from 3 - 7 days.

Why do an Ayurvedic cleanse? I love Ayurveda for so many reasons but perhaps one of the most important reasons is that Ayurveda is not a one size fits all. Not every cleanse fits every person. Each of us are different - we have different elemental energies (doshas), different symptomology and different life experiences and health histories. Ayurveda takes all of this in to account and I will too. During the workshop we will discuss the different types of digestion and digestive imbalance and you will be able to identify where you fall in this range. Specific protocols for each “type” will then be suggested as we follow the cleanse and then transition back in to our regular, (and maybe slightly revised) eating habits. We will also talk about eating habits and how to keep digestive fire kindled so that we feel energized, vital and lighter in our body.

Additionally we will discuss the spices found in kitchari and why they support the body in cleansing. Together we will eat a small sampling of kitchari as we discuss what we are learning.

This spring we will do the cleanse together as a group to offer you the support and accountability you may need in order to follow through. It will also provide the space for you to ask questions and get any feedback you might want. Included in the program is the cost of the split mung beans (much of what you will eat) as well as the herbal supplement you will use to support the detox process. The group will meet Saturday March 30 in the studio and then on a private facebook group as the week progresses. I will also keep an email thread open for those who are not on facebook.

Cost: $30.00. Includes workshop, lunch, bag organic split mung beans, herbal supplement. Additionally, follow up support group on facebook or email.