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Learn To Meditate: A Four Part Workshop Series with Sara Eavenson

  • The Yoga Room 1559 Cypress Drive Jupiter, Fl 33469 United States (map)

Learn to meditate and to implement an at home meditation practice. The benefits can be profound. Whether you’ve been practicing meditation for a while or are new to this practice, this workshop will support a deepening experience.

Why should we meditate? Very simply, meditation is a practice that supports the health & stability of our mind & our body. In this modern world, our mind is inundated with information, to do lists, worries and fears. Think of meditation like dental floss for the mind. It literally allows for a cleansing and spaciousness to develop which then affords more clarity, discernment and a less reactive state of being. With this calmer state of being, comes the ability for the body to relax and rest - which is the only state that can promote health, healing & wellbeing.

I’ve heard so many students say “I can’t meditate. I can’t sit still. My mind races too much.” This is actually a big indication that this student is an ideal candidate for meditation. The busy mindedness and frenetic energy that so many of us feel in life is not who we actually are - it is just the effect of life upon us. When we learn to meditate we begin to calm that energy and see that ultimately who we are is a reflection of our energy and the energy and awareness that we cultivate. Will it be calm and easeful or frenetic and not within our control?

Tuesday January 29th, February 5th, 12th, 19th