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Foundations of the Vinyasa Practice with Lisa Luther

  • The Yoga Room 1559 South Cypress Drive Jupiter, FL, 33469 United States (map)

Foundations of the Vinyasa Practice

Intention: teach new students and students new to the Vinyasa style the foundations of the practice including breath work, coordination of breath and movement and the different modifications and variations that allow students in a group setting to have a very personal experience.

What you will learn:

breath- yogic three part breath and use of Ujjayi pranayama- the traditional breath for Vinyasa flow

use of drishti and bandhas to support your practice

breakdown of Surya Namaskar or the Sun Salutation sequences

conscious placement of breath while in movement and finding flow within stillness

modifications for wrist, shoulder, low back pain and knee pain

*Class will be structured in a workshop format with both discussion and practice with plenty of time to answer participants' questions. Time will be set aside at the end for seated meditation and an extended savasana for students to absorb day's work and move towards a space of openness, understanding and honor of oneself and the practice.

*$40 preregistration, $50 walk-in