The union of breath and movement through a flowing sequence. Class promotes strength and flexibility while also utilizing the breath to help students cultivate a meditative space. Each pose is linked together with awareness to how the body moves in space and to promote fluidity and increased range of motion. From this space, we settle into stillness within each pose and a greater refinement of alignment on a physical, emotional and mental level can be found. Students are encouraged to honor their bodies and take the practice at their own pace. Some prior yoga experience recommended. New students are encouraged to attend one of our basic flow classes or schedule a private session with one of our teachers to learn the basics. 



This class encompasses longer 3-5min holds in mostly seated, supine and prone positions to open energetic channels within the body and deeply affect connective tissue and organ function. The practice  encourages students to take a more meditative approach as longer holds within poses facilitates a student's ability to sit within themselves and observe both subtle and larger shifts within the body. 

The 3 Ms


Mantra, Movement and Meditation. This practice is designed to help students use repetition as a vehicle to move into meditation. Mantra is a word, group of words or sound repeated that promotes focus and concentration. They may hold specific meaning or when spoken serve to invoke an overall feeling or sensation within the user. In this class, movement will be introduced through a flowing sequence that utilizes repetitive movements to open the body both physically and energetically to prepare for seated meditation. Each class ends with a guided 15 min meditation practice. The combination of the 3 practice creates a powerful tool for self inquiry and awareness. 



A class offering a quiet space to connect back into the breath and allow the body to sit in stillness, in this way providing room for restoration on a deep level physically, mentally and emotionally. Props are used to find support in poses so students can better find relaxation and minimal effort within the physical body. Class is great for beginners, those recovering from injury or trauma or as a balance  to stronger physical practices and activities. 

Ebb and Flow

A combination of cooling practices found within the yin and restorative styles and the more yang style of vinyasa flow. The class is a great way to balance out the energetic body while affecting both the muscular structure and connective tissue. 

The Yoga Remedy




The Yoga Remedy is a powerful alignment-based Hatha Yoga practice that draws from the teachings of Yoga, Tantra and Ayruveda.  Each practice includes poses, breathwork and meditation.  All are sequenced to have a specific energetic effect on body, mind and heart.