TYR Advanced Studies Program begins in January 2020!!!


Join Lisa Luther, Jen Sloan and Sara Eavenson in a program designed to create growth and deeper understanding of a yoga practice and mindful living.

As yoga teachers, we consider ourselves eternal students of Yoga. We believe that to teach effectively, a teacher must be immersed in one’s own studentship as a yogi, and the skillful practice of life. 

This is what we practice and this is what we teach. 

Yoga is a holistic practice that is essentially about deepening our awareness about life, suffering and living with more ease, joy and meaning. This experience includes asana, breath, meditation, self study, understanding philosophy and the increasing ability to apply this knowledge off the mat as you move through your life.

To have your own yoga practice is to be a student of self, life and the mystery of being. It is to become intimate with the inner workings of who we are as both a human who is seeking mastery at living, as well as a spiritual being who is seeking self awareness, ease and connection. A yogi is an eternal student of life, consistently walking the path home to self.

This training is ideal for students who want to deepen their practice and/or teach, inspire and assist others to do the same. Serving to support this growth in our community, we offer a training program that speaks to two different types of seekers:

The Student Path | This 130 hour program is an opportunity for you to fully immerse into yourself, and into the holistic experience of yoga. This portion of the training is open to anyone searching to deepen their personal yoga practice.

The Teacher Path | For those who want to teach, the additional 70 hours builds upon the first program, and will prepare you to confidently and skillfully lead others.

Flexible Schedule + Payment Options
Weekly Thursday | 5-9pm
One Friday + Saturday/month

***Pricing includes unlimited practice at studio while in training.

The Student Path
January 10 - June 6
Early Bird Register by 12/1 | $1600
After 12/1 | $1800

Weekly Thursdays | 5-9pm

Weekend Dates:
Jan 10 | 5-9pm
Jan 11 | 11-6pm

Feb 21 | 5-9pm
Feb 22 | 11-6pm

March 27| 5-9pm
March 28 | 11-6pm

April 17 | 5-9pm
April 18 | 11-6pm

May 15 | 5-9pm
May 16 | 11-6pm

June 5 | 5-9pm
June 6 | 9-12pm

The Teacher Path
July 25 - September 26
Early Bird Register by 12/1 | $2800
After 12/2 | $3000

*includes The Student Path and an online anatomy module. Students who complete all hours of the full program will be able to register with the Yoga Alliance as an RYT200 hour teacher. 

Weekly Thursday | 5-9pm

Weekend Dates (Saturdays only)
Jul 25 | 11-6pm

Aug 29 | 11-6pm

Sept 26 | 11-6pm

Your Guides:

Jen Sloan | ERYT500 The practice of yoga allowed Jen to truly see herself for the first time - unmasked. This awakening created a connection to a level of spirituality that she had long been searching for. When she discovered there was much more to yoga than fitness, she instantly felt called to share this with others.

Jen’s alignment cues and creative sequencing are combined with speaking to the energetic aspect of the yoga practice, allowing her students to have a transformational experience - both inwardly and out. Her hope is to cultivate a space where students feel brave enough to shed the layers and limiting beliefs that keep them from growing towards their fullest expression of expansion.

Lisa Luther | ERYT200 Lisa first began her yoga practice almost 20 years ago. Yoga started for her as a way to increase flexibility and keep active. As her practice grew, so did her understanding of the emotional and mental benefits she was experiencing every time she came on the mat. Now as a teacher, Lisa hopes to show students that what you find within your mat practice, can be an extension of what you practice within your life. The guiding principles of breath, awareness, discipline, compassion and attention to heart at the core of our yoga practice are essentially principles that help cultivate a deeper connection with ourselves and the world around us.

Sara Eavenson Sara Eavenson is a mum of 3, wife of 20 years, Yogini, Ayurvedic Yoga Specialist and co-host of the Your Life Practice Podcast.. She teaches women to THRIVE... to BECOME the self of their inner voice (your Soul). Through her own yearning and longing and wandering she’s come to realize that what we are all here for ultimately is to become and to be our most vital, connected self.

She owes so much of her growth to her teachers and feels so blessed to have had the good fortune to find them during this lifetime. They have certainly made the path easier. Most notably she is forever grateful to her dearest teacher Yogarupa Rod Stryker, his teacher Pandit Rajmani Tigunait and his teacher Swami Rama. Additionally, Sara is thankful for the wisdom and brilliance of her Ayurveda teachers, Kathryn Templeton and Dr. Rosi Mann.

***Full tuition is due by 12/15/19. If registering after 12/15, full payment is due at the time of registration. All fees must be paid prior to start of program. Cash, check or Credit card (CC transactions incur a 3% processing fee) are accepted as forms of payment. Payment plans are available. Please reach out to Lisa to discuss payment options 561.222.0358 or email theyogaroomcypress@gmail.com
The tuition for this program is non-refundable. In the event that you are unable to attend and have informed the studio at least 4 weeks prior to training start date, all monies paid will be credited to a future training. Credit must be used at the next available training date.